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August 30, 2016
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April 13, 2017
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Champion Nitrogen Advantage

Champion NA6-3P  Nitrogen Advantage Portable Generator – the ideal solution for passenger and light truck facilities which need to be able to bring the generator and purge system to the vehicle instead of the vehicle to the system. This new portable system offers 3.2 scfm of nitrogen output and an automatic purge system that allows you to purge and inflate four tires at once! With an easy to read control panel, four quick-disconnect hoses and a balanced package for uneven floors, the Champion NA6-3P is the package you need.

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  • 30 Gallon Receiver
  • Four 25′ Inflation Hoses
  • Nitrogen Purity Port
  • Pre-filters
  • Air Products Prism™ Membrane
  • Six Auxilliary Ports