Membrane system with 60 gallon tank
December 7, 2015
3 CFM ‘top-off’ unit for lower volume use
December 7, 2015
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Membrane system with 15 gallon tank

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  • Mobil standard speed Nitrogen generator with integrated 15 gallon holding tank.
  • Multi-line fill capability, can fill five tires simultaneously.
  • Production capacity of app. 47 tires per hour.
  • Nitrogen purity output of 95% to 98%.
  • Average fill time is 5.04 minutes per vehicle (using average tire size for calculation).
  • Membrane system provides optimal purity and long life.
  • Triple filtration system for additional purity and membrane longevity Auto-shutoff for less compressor use and greater energy savings.


  • NTF-15
  • NTF-15 plus
  • NTF-60 plus
  • NTF-60H