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When you work with Coastal, you can rest assured that you are working with experienced, professional automotive equipment specialists that have your best interests in mind.

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Coastal Automotive Equipment Solutions

In addition to being a full automotive service center, we also offer a multitude of auto equipment installation and maintenance solutions for the professionals at the body shops!

Unlike other places, we’re a one-stop-shop for all your service and installation needs. Our team takes care of it all, so you can avoid costly downtime and get up and running quickly.  

Take a look at the auto equipment we install and find out why we’re the best equipment specialists in the area!


Commercial garages need quality air compressors to power a wide range of tools and equipment.  

We sell and install both reciprocating and rotary screw compressors as well as all system components – including air dryers and in-line filters. 

We also have portable compressors that are powered by electricity, diesel, or gas. 

It is essential for every commercial garage to have an efficient system for refrigerant recovery. Beyond being required by law, it helps keep the environment safe. 

We sell refrigerant recyclers that our team of automotive equipment specialists can install and maintain for you. 

You need a reliable air piping system to make sure that compressed air is accessible throughout your shop. We can install it for you along with the air compressor and all its accessories. 

Wheel balancing is a service that all motorists need, which means that no commercial garage is complete without them. 

We offer a range of balancers with digital and video displays, as well as truck and bus balancers. Our team of automotive equipment specialists can even set them up for you! 

In addition to wheel balancers, tire changers are essential to any auto repair shop. Our equipment allows you to remove tires quickly and safely.

For your technicians to be safe and productive inside the garage, you need reliable benches that they can work on. Pick one from our selection of deluxe, tear-down, and floor benches that provide safe work areas and a bit of storage.  

Another system that helps create a safe workplace is exhaust extraction. Your technicians will be working closely with vehicles, and they run the risk of being exposed to diesel fumes. 

To protect them from these dangerous air particulates, you can choose one from our wide range of exhaust extractors – from fixed-drop to movable-drop extraction systems. We also have exhaust accessories that can make the system more effective. 

We understand that times are tough, so we offer various financing solutions to help you get what you need for your garage. Contact one of our sales representatives to learn about your options. 

Your technicians need quick and easy access to tools and instruments to be effective. We’ve got the best selection of mobile carts and other items that they can use.

Sometimes, you need to lift a vehicle up to make repairs or take a look at what’s going on. Our floor jack offerings, which include stand jacks and rolling floor jacks, are ideal for every application.

There are many repair and maintenance tasks where your mechanics need free access beneath the vehicle. These activities require reliable lifts, which we can set up with our automotive equipment installation service.    

Vehicles have many moving parts that need lubrication. We have a wide range of solutions for this purpose, including tanks, pumps, and control systems. 

We also sell motorcycle lifts. You’ll have your choice of ones that come with pneumatic or electric pumps. 

Auto maintenance involves a wide range of activities, with each one needing a specific tool or piece of equipment. You can get them all from our selection of shop equipment. We have essentials such as bench vices, drill presses, and chain hoists.

Keep your shop clean and organized with our storage solutions, including shelves, cabinets, and carts. 

We also offer pneumatic and mechanical strut compressors so you can replace suspension springs quickly and safely. 

Are you planning to start a new car dealership or a tire center? There’s a long list of automotive tools and equipment that you need to prepare, from car lift installation, to automotive equipment solutions. We can help you with them all.