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July 22, 2016
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July 26, 2016
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Mondolfo Ferro MT2450 Truck & Bus balancer

Our finest Truck & Bus Balancer, designed for the Heavy Duty world of over-the-road truck tires as well as construction and implement tires. The unit comes with an integrated pneumatic lift capable of lifting tire/wheel assemblies up to 660 lbs.

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  • Designed to handle a daily work flow of Truck & Bus tires with diameters to 30” and width’s to 22” while also handling smaller Car and Van tires.
  • Automatic Position Search stops the measuring run with the required weight position at 12:00 and locked for easy weight application.
  • Advanced software programs for Spoke split weights, allowing for all adhesive weights to be hidden behind the spoke while still maintaining perfect dynamic balance.
  • Opt Flash software program reduces the amount of weight required for a perfect balance.
  • Integrated wheel lift handles tire/wheel combinations to 660 lbs (300Kg) safely and easily lifting them to the balancers shaft height for strain free mounting.
  • 2D Parameter Entry enters distance out and rim diameter with the touch of the rim. Integrated weight clip holds and assists in the application of the weight to the rim.
  • Raised digital display with east to follow software icons.