Mondolfo Ferro – S250
August 11, 2016
DEF – Diesel Exhaust Fluid
August 11, 2016
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Mondolfo Ferro – MT3650 UP

MT3650 UP picture shown with TL2 and video shown with TL3


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  • Side cabinet mounted laser accurately spots weight placement location for precision balancing every time
  • Advanced RPA correction location and lock system automatically finds and holds the shaft at the correct weight application position, for both planes
  • Two parameter data entry (standard), is as simple as touching inside arm to the wheel flange, and distance out and rim diameter are entered automatically.
  • Side cabinet mounted white LED’s illuminate the inside of the wheel for excellent visibility during cleaning and tape weight placement
  • Multiple advanced ALU programs for clip or tape weight placement inside or outside on any wheel, easily.
  • Spoke program allows for easy weight placement behind the spokes for most esthetically pleasing balance on thru site wheels.
  • Large cabinet features 26 weight storage compartments, raised display LED data panel, integrated weight anvil and side cabinet adapter storage.
  • Industrial 40mm shaft, quick release wing nut and captured back spring for years of fast maintenance free balancing.